About The Skateboard School

About The Skateboard School

Who are we?

The Skateboard School is the world's first online skateboard academy available in multiple languages. We teach you how to skateboard! Your age is irrelevant as our programs consist of user friendly content for all. Whether you're an advanced skateboarder or you're just getting started, we cover EVERYTHING and EVERY TRICK!

Our Mission

Spreading the Joy & Progression of Skateboarding!

We are a collective of Pro and Amateur Skateboarders from across the world. Most of us have been in the “contest world” and in “the industry” for over 15 years!  We have 10 instructors from each participating country. Everyone of us has roughly 10-20 years of skateboard experience. We’ve been teaching skateboarding for over a decade at our local skateparks and even at people’s homes. We decided to unite to form The Skateboard School. The Skateboard School’s mission is to extend the happiness, progression, joy and fulfilment that comes with learning how to skateboard. The Skateboard School is currently taught in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.


Become a world class Skateboarder?

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