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Skateboard Lessons

Private Virtual Lessons

Get private one on one skate lessons from one of the Team Professionals at The Skateboard School for 1 month, you have 24/7  access to our instructors via text, voice, video and blocked off hours! Unfortunately we cannot split payments.
Currently, we have Bryan Michael Williams as the instructor. He has been teaching people of all ages, shapes and sizes how to skate and land tricks for over 12 years.
Available times are literally 24 hours (We will answer all questions and responses within 24 hours if you did not text a certain time for your lesson…You choose your time(s) and days of the week! You can do one monthly purchase at a time. If you want another month just simply reorder another month if you’re happy with the coaching, lessons and tips provided!

Skateboard Lessons

Virtual Lessons

Via Skype calls, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Zoom, Samsung Galaxy Calls, Instagram video calls or Facebook video calling. Whichever of your choice! You have access to our current instructor Bryan Michael Williams private cell phone line, email, skype and Instagram if you’re struggling with a trick or need advice in anyway related to skateboarding!


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